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2017 Entrepalooza Celebrates Entrepreneurial Spirit in Siouxland

Twenty Siouxland organizations will co-sponsor Entrepalooza, a ten day celebration of entrepreneurial spirit in Siouxland. The celebration will kick off at 6:30 p.m. Monday, February 13 with a presentation, “Today’s Entrepreneur – The Story of Two Finches,” by Debra Laughlin, with Leah Roe, both of Hear two entrepreneurs talk about how entrepreneurship has changed over the years. The

Morningside student talks startups, entrepreneurship and Sioux City

Sean Richardson (above, right), a student at Morningside College and co-creator of the SpotVendr app, recently attended a Startup Weekend event in Ames, IA. We asked him to tell us a little bit about his experience, his product, and his ideas about entrepreneurship. 1.) What happens during a Startup Weekend event? How does it work? Myself, Blake Anderson (Morningside College)

Silicon Prairie Co-founder: Surround yourself with great people

On Tuesday, Feb. 26, the Sioux City Growth Organization will hold it’s annual Innovation Market, dedicated to promoting innovation and creativity in Sioux City. This year’s keynote speaker is Dusty Davidson, co-founder of Silicon Prairie News and Flywheel in Omaha. We couldn’t catch up with him in person, but were able to ask him via e-mail 5 questions about entrepreneurship, innovation