2017 Entrepalooza Celebrates Entrepreneurial Spirit in Siouxland

Twenty Siouxland organizations will co-sponsor Entrepalooza, a ten day celebration of entrepreneurial spirit in Siouxland. The celebration will kick off at 6:30 p.m. Monday, February 13 with a presentation, “Today’s Entrepreneur – The Story of Two Finches,” by Debra Laughlin, with Leah Roe, both of Hear two entrepreneurs talk about how entrepreneurship has changed over the years. The

Launch Week kicks off in Sioux City September 5th

We know that entrepreneurs start companies that create jobs, invest in the community, and generate economic growth. In Sioux City, we want to encourage people to be innovative and explore their own entrepreneurial ideas, and the 2nd annual Launch Week will do just that! With speakers, startup presentations and plenty of networking, Launch Week aims to inspire, motivate, and promote collaboration among

BCU speaker: Using financial literacy to combat poverty

There is a great opportunity tonight for young professionals, students, non-profits and small business entrepreneurs to see a speaker in Sioux City who delivers down-to-earth talks about entrepreneurship, financial literacy and careers. Adam Carroll, a self-proclaimed financial literacy junkie,  is co-author of “Winning the Money Game,” and is an entrepreneur, investor, entertainer and more. In 2004, he founded National Financial Educators with

Entrepreneurship: Where Does Sioux City Go From Here?

BY SAM WAGNER I’m from the government and I’m here to help. For many business entrepreneurs and startups, no scarier words have ever been spoken. See, governments are about taxing and regulating (among other things), which are often at odds with the needs of the entrepreneur contemplating his or her next big idea. As soon as the entrepreneur starts a