spotlight on entrepreneurship

Spotlight on Entrepreneurship: Mara Jorgensen of Fast Solutions

Name: Mara Jorgensen Company: Fast Solutions, Inc. Title: Senior Software Developer Website: Twitter: @consultfast LinkedIn: Short bio: I have over ten years of experience in developing software for large businesses, primarily manufacturing. I enjoy working with business users and implementing software solutions to help increase their productivity. I will see a project through from analysis to implementation to

Spotlight on Entrepreneurship: Todd Carnes of Traxter

Name: Todd Carnes Company: Traxter LLC Title: Owner Email: Website: Give us a short description of your business: Traxter LLC markets a full tracking solution coupled with a free electronic hour logging application to insurance companies. We market to insurance companies, because then we get their client base, they receive data, and the truckers all get the electronic

Spotlight on Entrepreneurship: Jamie Vondrak of Concierge Services of Siouxland

Name: Jamie Vondrak Company: Concierge Services of Siouxland, LLC Title: Owner/Personal Concierge Website: Facebook: siouxlandconcierge LinkedIn: Jamie Vondrak Give us a short description of your business: Concierge Services of Siouxland is a “do it all” organization. I complete jobs ranging from personal errands like banking and grocery shopping, to business services like setting up online accounts, planning corporate

Spotlight on Entrepreneurship: Alex Fuller of Saviral

Founder: Alex Fuller Company:  LegitDesigns, LLC / Saviral Marketing Location:  Sioux City, Iowa Website: and Twitter: @SaviralOnline Facebook: Give us a short description of your business? LegitDesigns is an all-encompassing creative digital agency, providing custom creative, web, and now introducing our online marketing solutions with SAVIRAL (Savvy-Viral). With Saviral we assist our clients with social, search, and other

Spotlight on Entrepreneurship: Sara Gotch and LOVOTO

BUSINESS OWNER: Sara Gotch BUSINESS NAME: LOVOTO LLC MAIN PRODUCTS/SERVICES: Transitional Videos / Scanning developed photos / Creating digital scrapbooks YEAR STARTED: 2014 ADDRESS: 520 Nebraska Street STE 404 • Sioux City, IA • 51101 WEBSITE: SOCIAL: VIDEO: LOVOTO Video Q: What makes you an entrepreneur? A: What makes me an entrepreneur is that I have taken the time

Spotlight on Entrepreneurship: Sioux Guitars Born out of Rebel Passion

BUSINESS OWNER: Ryan Meyers BUSINESS NAME: Sioux Guitars MAIN PRODUCTS/SERVICES: Effects Pedals, Amps, and Reverb Tanks ADDRESS: Sioux City, IA WEBSITE:,  and Facebook, and Twitter, and Tumblr 1. What makes you an entrepreneur? I don’t know. I’ve always been driven to do stuff without asking permission. I started as a teenager building composting bins out of pallets. Then I started my own music fanzine, shooting

Spotlight on Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneur uses Business to Break the Mold

BUSINESS OWNER: Beth Trejo BUSINESS NAME: Chatterkick MAIN PRODUCTS/SERVICES: Social Media Marketing Agency YEAR STARTED: 2012 ADDRESS: 306 Virginia St. Ste A, Sioux City, IA 51101 WEBSITE:,  and Facebook, and Twitter 1. What makes you an entrepreneur? Before I started this business, I definitely did not fit into the stereotypical mold of a classic entrepreneur or start-up business executive. I’m not a big risk

Spotlight on Entrepreneurship: Creating a collaborative work space

In honor of Global Entrepreneurship Week, Startup Sioux City featured a week of stories on local entrepreneurs. The response was overwhelming, and therefore, we’re going to continue to run the responses we received through this week. Find all the stories here. BUSINESS OWNER: Diane Daby BUSINESS NAME: Springboard Coworking MAIN PRODUCTS/SERVICES: Collaborative Workspace and private meeting spaces YEAR STARTED: 2013

Spotlight on Entrepreneurship: Startups excite, motivate community

BUSINESS OWNER: Sean Richardson (with co-founder Blake Anderson) BUSINESS NAME: RXA  Technology MAIN PRODUCTS/SERVICES: Mobile and Web Apps YEAR STARTED: 2013 ADDRESS: Sioux City, IA WEBSITE: TWITTER: @rxaSean Q: What makes you an entrepreneur? A: I am an entrepreneur because I turned an idea into a business. I grew up around entrepreneurs – my mom owns Sunnybrook Flowershop and Greenhouse in Moville, IA

Spotlight on Entrepreneurship: A BBQ hobby goes full time

This is the fourth in a week of profiles of local entrepreneurs who have started businesses in Siouxland. Some are small – with only one or two employees – while others have grown through the years to many employees. But all of them have started businesses here and this week share some feedback on what it means to start and