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Silicon Prairie Co-founder: Surround yourself with great people

On Tuesday, Feb. 26, the Sioux City Growth Organization will hold it’s annual Innovation Market, dedicated to promoting innovation and creativity in Sioux City. This year’s keynote speaker is Dusty Davidson, co-founder of Silicon Prairie News and Flywheel in Omaha. We couldn’t catch up with him in person, but were able to ask him via e-mail 5 questions about entrepreneurship, innovation

Siouxland Social Media conference set for Feb. 21

SIOUX CITY — “No Excuses.” That’s the theme of the second annual Siouxland Social Media Conference, set for Thursday, Feb. 21. Speakers and panelists will help local businesses overcome obstacles to the digital world of Facebook, Twitter and other social media participation. Set at the Marina Inn in South Sioux City, this day-long event will feature local, regional and national

Entrepreneurship: Where Does Sioux City Go From Here?

BY SAM WAGNER I’m from the government and I’m here to help. For many business entrepreneurs and startups, no scarier words have ever been spoken. See, governments are about taxing and regulating (among other things), which are often at odds with the needs of the entrepreneur contemplating his or her next big idea. As soon as the entrepreneur starts a

Video: Tom Chapman talks about entrepreneurship

This is a near-complete video of Tom Chapman’s comments about building an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Sioux City. There are a few spots where it skips 10-30 seconds, and once for up to a minute to change camera cards, but for the most part, his message is intact. It opens with a welcome by Sioux City mayor Bob Scott.