Spotlight on Entrepreneurship: Todd Carnes of Traxter

todd carnes

Name: Todd Carnes
Company: Traxter LLC
Title: Owner


Give us a short description of your business:
Traxter LLC markets a full tracking solution coupled with a free electronic hour logging application to insurance companies. We market to insurance companies, because then we get their client base, they receive data, and the truckers all get the electronic hour logging application that is going to be mandatory in a little over a year. It is an all-around win.

What motivated you to start your business?
I started Traxter LLC to bring a cost effective solution to an upcoming government mandate. Our solution is designed and priced for the little guy that is going to be searching for help when it goes into effect.

What’s the biggest challenge you had to overcome as your business has grown?
Getting the application developed before the mandate goes into effect. We are still in the works and that is why we are seeking funding. We can easily get it done with just one developer going full time.

What’s unique about your business?
Businesses that are already doing something SIMILAR are selling a tracking solution. Then for about the same monthly premium they are selling you the electronic logging application. We are selling it together. And for 50% or more of the price. Simply a dollar a day gets you the hardware and access and support to our entire solution.

How can the Startup Sioux City community help your business?
Getting our name out to someone that might be interested in funding us or helping us find funding. The sooner we can go full time with this, the faster it gets done and we can start marketing to the smaller insurance companies.

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