Spotlight on Entrepreneurship: Startups excite, motivate community

BUSINESS OWNER: Sean Richardson (with co-founder Blake Anderson)
ADDRESS: Sioux City, IA
TWITTER: @rxaSean

Q: What makes you an entrepreneur?

A: I am an entrepreneur because I turned an idea into a business. I grew up around entrepreneurs – my mom owns Sunnybrook Flowershop and Greenhouse in Moville, IA and my dad owns Tri-State Integrated Solutions along with a couple other businesses. Their support and knowledge has been invaluable through this journey.

Q: What was the driving force behind you starting a business? 

A: The driving force behind starting RXA Technology was the way my business partner, Blake Anderson, and I worked together. During my final year at Morningside College, Blake and I built web and mobile product called Discover MyCampus. We would meet every Saturday and Sunday morning for multiple weeks creating features and to get our pitch ready for business competitions. Our drive to succeed and our early success really helped us start our business.

Q: What drives you each day?

A: The challenges that come along with building a business and people you meet drive me every day. Blake and I try to come up with ideas that have never been done before to give us a competitive advantage in a growing market. Since I focus more on programming, challenges arise everyday but the feeling you get when you break through the barriers makes everything worth it.

Q: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome as you’ve grown your business? What has been your greatest reward?

A: The biggest challenge we have had to overcome is our age, in particular to the service side of our business.

So far we have won Startup Weekend Spencer and Swimming with the Sharks and placed third at Startup Weekend Ames. We were also invited to attend the UP America Summit in Iowa City. I would say the greatest reward so far has just been being recognized as a entrepreneur and startup in Sioux City. It has been great working with the city of Sioux City, the Sioux City Chamber and other startups to help build the Sioux City startup scene.

Q: Why are startups and small companies important to a local economy?

A: Startups and small companies are important to a local economy because they excite and motivate the people in the community. Startups look to create innovative ideas and to change the world. With this mindset something good is bound to happen.

Q: What more can be done to help create, grow and promote small businesses and startups in Sioux City and the region?

A: 2014 is going to be such a good year for the startup scene in Sioux City. Its a great place to startup a business. With access to abundant resources, such as a great coworking space, awesome mentors, multiple entrepreneurial events every month, low cost of living and access to affordable talent, starting a business here is very viable. Now we just need access to capital.


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