BCU speaker: Using financial literacy to combat poverty

There is a great opportunity tonight for young professionals, students, non-profits and small business entrepreneurs to see a speaker in Sioux City who delivers down-to-earth talks about entrepreneurship, financial literacy and careers.

Adam Carroll, a self-proclaimed financial literacy junkie,  is co-author of “Winning the Money Game,” and is an entrepreneur, investor, entertainer and more.

In 2004, he founded National Financial Educators with the goal to educate, entertain, and inspire young people to live their lives in complete control of their money. Carroll, an Iowan, contends that individuals who are able to make, manage, save and invest their money are happier and more content.

Carroll speaks tonight at Briar Cliff University at 7 p.m. in the Stark Student Center. The event is free, and is part of a series of talks at Briar Cliff on financial literacy. The focus of Carroll’s talk is about using money management and financial literacy as weapons to combat poverty.

Here’s more from his web site: “My drive to educate people about money led me to found Four Legacies Mortgage in 2007, the first socially-responsible mortgage company in the state of Iowa. The vision of Four Legacies was to see every client move towards the ultimate lifestyle: money freedom, time freedom, relationship freedom, and service freedom. By offering seminars to public and corporate offices, and through one-on-one consultations, my team I helped hundreds of people create more wealth in their lives by changing the “spend as usual” mindset.”

Here’s a video that offers a glimpse into Carroll’s talk. You can also find him on Twitter.

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