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BUSINESS OWNER: Lloyd Lee & Travis Hemmingson


1. What is Qneo?
Qneo [Q-knee-o] is awesome (though, we may be bit biased)! It’s an app that gives users up to 90 deals per day by sending out 3 notifications (morning, noon and night). But, it’s time sensitive so you have to save the deals you want before the next ones get sent out otherwise they’re gone forever! There’re points involved, free giveaways for users and, most important, the focus is on local businesses. Think Groupon, but more exciting!


2. How did you come up with the idea for Qneo?
We saw a need to help out the local guys and gals. Big businesses have bookoo bucks to spend on advertising, which is why many people typically think of them first – Subway for a sandwich, McDonald’s for a burger, Wal-Mart for everything else. But there are a TON of local options, right here in Siouxland! So, we’ve set out to create a cost-effective option for small businesses to get their names in front of loyal consumers. We know there are a lot of coupon-style apps out there, but they’re expensive for businesses to use. Also, did you know we get grouped into the Sioux Falls area on those other apps? Who goes to Sioux Falls for savings on their lunch break?


3. What was the driving force behind you starting a business? What drives you each day?
The desire to create. From my days with Lincoln Logs to sand castles to art class, I’ve always enjoyed building and creating. Seeing a need and then getting the chance to create something to fix it seems like a dream come true. Every day has something new to offer and if you can’t find that in whatever you’re doing, then, my friend, you’re doing the wrong thing.


4. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome as you’ve grown your business? What has been your greatest reward?
I would say finances, which is pretty typical for any startup. But finding ways to make things work is the rewarding part. You find that you’re capable of a lot more when you have to solve an issue without a safety net of money.


5. Why are startups and small companies important to a local economy?
Energy. Community. People getting together to solve local problems is both exciting and beneficial!


6. What more can be done to help create, grow and promote small businesses and startups in Sioux City and the region?
Small businesses are fun, creative and evolving which equates to many people as “unsafe”. I’m not talking about just investors but the general people – it takes time to become “proven” and until your business does it’s just not going to catch on. In order to help this, I think people simply need to take more chances in their everyday life. Something as simple as taking a different route to work, you may come across a new restaurant to eat at or spark an idea to pick up some flowers for your better half on the way home. Sioux City has a lot going on, we need to get more and more people to trying new things which will grow our community.


7. How can the Startup Sioux City Community hep Qneo?
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